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Zerotha- zeroth step towards research

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My past students

I have mentored the following students in different capacities (few were part of Zerotha):

  • Arun Sethupat (2017-2018), next position: Applied Scientist in Microsoft, Seattle. 

  • Ahmad Sakor (2016-2017), next position: PhD student in L3S Research Center, Hannover.

  • Mohamad Yaser Jaradeh, next position: a PhD student in L3S Research Center, Hannover

  • Anery Patel (2019),*** next position: intern in TIB, Hannover, Germany, and masters admit in Northwestern University, US

  • Akash Kulkarni (2018), next position: Microsoft, Seattle as Software Engineer.

  • Akhilesh Vyas (2017-2018), next position: TIB Hannover as Senior Research Developer (co-supervised in the master's thesis)

  • Akmal Khikmatullaev (2017-2018), next position: Diamant GmbH, Germany as Data Scientist (co-supervised in the master's thesis)​


  • Manoj Prabhakar (2019-2020),*** next position: Ph.D. student in Hasso Platner Institute, Berlin

  • Chaitali Prabhu (2019-2020), next position: Machine Learning Developer, Arvato GmbH, Baden Baden, Germany

  • Kunal Khatri (2019), next position: masters student at NYU, USA

  • Saprem Shah (2019), next position: Software Engineer in Amazon, India

  • Abhishek Nadgeri (2018-present)***, next position: masters admit at RWTH, Aachen

  • Anson Bastos (2019-2020)***, next position: Ph.D. student at IIT, Hyderabad, India


***Zerotha alumni

Want to be a mentor with Zerotha?

If your personal vision is aligned with Zerotha and willing to be a part of our mission, please approach me to be a mentor. ​ You must be either enrolled in a Ph.D. program (with at least one A or A* peer-reviewed paper as the first author) or you hold a doctoral degree. 


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